Beauty ideals change all the time and every era or time period has a certain ‘look’ that is considered the epitome of beauty for both men and women. This is why plastic surgery is so popular among those considering personal physical improvement. There are far too many cultural and topical changes in the modern day to pin down one look for men and women, but here are some classic features that are considered attractive in any culture:

The Face
The oval shaped face is considered the most attractive because it allows space for the eyes to be large, to nose to be positioned at the centre and the chin to end in a very well-defined point. Those who cannot lay claim to an oval shaped face can make use of chin fillers that are injected into the jaw line in order to create some extra definition. This can make a recessive chin look prominent or square jaw lines can be coaxed to lose their liquid and fatty muscle through non-invasive fat removal procedures.

In addition to the shape, there are plenty of other features on the face that can use facial filler treatment in order to look its best. Thin and small lips are considered the mark of shrewish personality, especially in women. Full, generous lips are usually more coveted, even in a man. People with sunken eyes can make their eyes more prominent by tightening the loose skin under their eyes in order to change the shape of the eyes, while tattooing a thin line along the lash line of the eyelid can make eyes look bigger and add an innocent look to you.

The Body
The ideal body type for a woman has changed recently to become one with slim shoulders, a normal chest and large hips and buttocks. In a man, the lean body type should be wiry, fit and tall while the body builder type is stocky, heavily built and tanned. Most of these images are unrealistic and only cover certain racial body types that cannot be achieved by others due to genetic factors. However, for the man or woman determined to get the ‘perfect body’ there are exercise regimens that can help you lose or gain weight, build muscle definition and take supplements that can boost energy and growth.

If exercise and clean eating doesn’t cut it, surgery is an option. However, you should consider that as the last option because forcefully changing your body requires more maintenance and can have long term consequences. There are procedures that will rid your body of excess fat and even manipulate muscle and tendon into changing shape so that you can have svelte body in a few months, all thanks to the beauty ideals of society.

Project Vanity – Creating The Perfect Face