When you eat you don’t necessarily think, especially if it is something that you know is your guilty pleasure and is filled with tons of preservatives and such. Sometimes you also even tend to delude yourself into eating healthy foods while combining them with things that aren’t exactly the healthiest. These are what eventually lead you to tip the scales to go over and beyond. Here are a couple such mishaps to keep clear of;

Veggies and fattening dips
While you’re on your way to achieving maximum results by following a weight loss diet, you tend to delude and convince yourself that you are eating healthy. But the problem with that is combining your veggies with the wrong dips to make them more appetizing! This becomes an entire waste of your efforts! Hence being concerned with the dips you add in is important. Instead of going for the fattening peanut butter dip go for hummus or even a black bean dip. Not only is this option less fattening but is also healthier as well!

Frying and over boil
When you decide to go on a veg diet and follow a efficient weight loss program Singapore, you may want to try out a couple of things to make your diet more appetizing. This may include frying or even boiling your veggies. You want to shed pounds and eat less, you could switch in potatoes for your regular meals, but if you decide to fry them instead of mild boiling or steaming, it certainly isn’t helping you with your cause. Instead you are only adding more to the scale. These extra oils and such tend even result in increasing cholesterol levels as well. In addition to increasing oil levels by frying, veggies also lose their naturally stocked in vitamins and antioxidants as well. Hence next time you try out something similar think twice!

Tone down the sugar and sweet
An occasional sweet or two is perfectly alright. Yet when it goes into a whole new level where you turn into a sweet maniac, then you might certainly have to worry about the sugar levels inside your body. An increase in glucose levels inside the body leads to diabetes and knowingly or unknowingly your constant intake of treats really do affect this balanced glucose levels inside your body. So try to hold back on the constant intake of sweets especially if you want to stay healthy and fit!

Hold on the random snacking
You eat when you’re hungry. You eat when you’re angry. You eat when you’re bored. You eat when you’re travelling. You eat when you’re still. All these random snacking is what eventually leads to obesity! If you want to shed pounds and also stay fit, then make sure you keep track of your snacking and hold back on the constant urges to poke something inside your mouth!

You don’t necessarily have to be a health conscious freak. You just have to keep track of things that you constantly eat and hold back on your constant urge to eat something. Drink plenty of water, as it too will help build self-control, and within no time you might be able to achieve that dream body you’ve always thought was impossible!

Food Mishaps That Makes You Gain Pounds