Transport is one of the main components of development anywhere in the world. Transport is an essential necessity for any individual as well as any organization or any country. Transport can be basically divided into two categories namely public transport and private transport. There are major differences between public and private transport and those who use them can experience the advantages and disadvantages.

Basically a private vehicle is quite convenient and comfortable compared to a public transport method. When you travel in your own vehicle, you can start your journey from you door step and can come back to your door step as well. But if you take a bus or train, you should go to a bus stop or train station to begin your journey. If the bus stop or the station is not close to your place, you should either walk or take a taxi to reach the place. When you travel in public transport, sometimes you cannot get direct transport to the destination where you are heading to in the same vehicle. In such cases it is very inconvenient to get down from somewhere are get on to another vehicle carrying your luggage. Therefore in such a situation the best option that you can go for is to get a taxi from a affordable rent car in Singapore and arrange the entire journey in one vehicle as it saves your time and increases your convenience.

Public transport is sometimes time saving and cost effective and it reduces the traffic congestion. As there are many people travelling in one public vehicle, the cost is shared among all and finally the individual cost is very low. Another fact is when the number of people travel in one vehicle is higher, the number of private vehicles on the road gets reduced which results in less traffic congestion and it saves everyone’s time. However most of the time, public transport is not very reliable and the condition of public vehicles are not very convenient. Nowadays to avoid all these issues, most of the working class people prefer joining a car pooling service or long term car rental service through which they get one vehicle in which a few people travel together every day in the morning and evening and all together they share the cost of the vehicle monthly.

When you choose such a method, you can avoid the negative impacts of both private and public transport services and can help save environment as well. If you daily use a private vehicle, it is quite costly and It is not environment friendly due to carbon dioxide emission.

Public Transport Vs. Private Transport