Law has its own versions which are specifically designed to address different types of issues in different methods. Among the categories of law, business law remains a major one which is much needed in the corporate field to sort out different disputes arise within the industries or business environment due to different reasons. It basically is a law structure that is applied to the trade related industries. It is known to be one of the branches of civil law which involves in handling private law issues and public law issues.

The known titles related to the Commercial law are, agent and principal, merchant shipping, marine, partnerships, accident insurance, contracts etc. to carry out commercial law, the specially trained professional is commercial lawyer who is responsible to make sure that all corporate transactions, commercial deals and business work are legal. Such lawyers are needed for any business place as they need to have legal advices on everything that they do related to their business. That is the reason for recruiting or hiring a legal advisor for every business place or organization as they need to have their own legal advisor to ensure that all the transactions are legal. Business lawyers should be specially trained for that task and he should have a very good knowledge in tax law, contract law, rights related to intellectual property, licensing security law etc.

The special area that corporate lawyers practices more depends on the place and the industry where he works for. As almost every company has their own lawyers, the lawyer are supposed to carry on the duties related to the place he works. For an example, a lawyer who is working for a small firm may receive sort term cases for which he does not need much time, whereas a lawyer working for a large well established company may spend months and months to handle one business deal. The duties corporate lawyers differ from the duties of a litigation lawyer. The reason is, they handle two different areas and the cases they involve in are different.

Commercial lawyer in Singapore usually works for a particular business company and he involves in the transactions the company carries out with other parties. Usually the parties have a mutual understanding among themselves and they have a particular methodology to carry out their deals. However to ensure the legality of the transactions and deals, the corporate lawyer gather all information, analyze them, draft all documents, review the agreements drafted, take part in all meetings and make sure that the company is properly advised on the legal status of all transactions take place.

Importance Of Commercial Law