Pregnancy could be the most valuable and also challenging time period of any woman. You need to take extreme care of yourself and your baby by taking in a healthy diet, exercising regularly, taking multivitamins and also staying happy always. You will be completely handing over your health to your obstetrician during this period so it is vital that you select him or her wisely. So here are some of the facts that you should consider before making a decision.

1. Referrals
Referrals are the most reliable way to get information and feedback on your doctor. It can give you true information rather than exaggerated info on the clinic’s website and advertisements. Ask your family doctor for a list of recommendations. You could then easily do your research and select one. Also don’t forget to ask your family members and friends. Their previous experiences could come in handy for sure.

2. Research credentials
Do not hesitate to do your own homework on the doctors and not rely on your family doctor’s recommendations itself. Certification and license is a must since it concerns your health. Such certification will ensure that your selected keyhole surgery gynae has the necessary skills, knowledge and training to fulfill the job. Make sure he has not taken part in any malpractices. You could get this information through authorized websites.

3. Experience
Your doctor’s experience would become something of importance when a complication arises, so without waiting till the last moment, look into their experience, what kind of cases they have handled etc. and make your decision. The more experienced, the better; since they have been in the field since forever.

4. Gender
You need to be entirely comfortable with your keyhole surgery gynaecologist in Singapore since you will have to talk about extremely personal matters with him or her. Two way communications is a must so that he could identify any complications and get you ready for them.

5. Way of communication
Since you need to communicate with your doctor all along, it is important that you feel comfortable talking to him. Ask a few questions when you meet him and notice the way he responds. If he answers you angrily, then he probably does not like when questions are asked. If he welcomes your question, then he is a person you could talk with easily. Remember it is your right to ask what you don’t know so choose someone you could freely talk with.

6. Review patient satisfaction surveys
Reviewing what his patients have to say is the best way to find out clear information. You could visit websites that have such survey information saved. Such forms not only tell you about the medical service, but also about the condition of the hospital, waiting time, environment etc.

Things To Consider When Selecting An Obstetrician