Once you have selected the right venue that you love, it’s time to see what kind of decoration you will want to have. It is also important that you have the right information and ideas about the kind of flowers you wish to use. Some flowers will do well in certain settings and some will fade too quickly. So depending on the season and atmosphere here are a few options for you to choose from.

Indoor closed setting
These are so many classy wedding flowers in Singapore to choose from. But when it comes to an indoor setting there are a few that will stand out and give you the best look possible. Using a hanging kind of setting for the flowers would given it a lovely garden look. You don’t want an artificial look, so opt for fresh cut evergreens with a touch of fresh roses or any other colourful kind and let the setting look like you moved a garden inside.

Outdoor sunny and hot
Daisy and baby’s-breath are great options for an outdoor setting. They are lightweight and give the fullness you need to fill up large spaces. They can be used to create extravagant centrepiece too. These are inexpensive, therefore making it a great option when you want to fill up a large area with flowers. Not only do they make good decorations, they also are lightweight and make it easy to carry in bouquets. The bridesmaids are sure to love them.

Beachside hot humid and salty
Some ferns, tropical orchids and pincushion protea can come together for a lovely beach side wedding. These not only add colour and texture for a romantic setting, but liven up the sea view with a splash of brightness it needs to look stunning. Flowers like these make the venue decoration look as good as the venue itself.

Winter garden and chilly
A choice of white and red flowers are great for the winter wedding. Not only will the red roses or carnations make for a seasonal theme, it will also add a pop of rich colour to make the winter white look dashing. Add gold and Crystal highlights to make it even more sparkly and keep the celebratory mood swinging to the maximum.

There are always great ways to bring out the best on your wedding day with flowers regardless of the kind. But having the right kind to make the best of each season and time always speaks volumes and somehow adds to the naturally occurring beauty of the entire setting. So get the best that available for that season and area and make the event a beautiful and successful one.

Selecting The Right Blossom For Your Wedding