Bored of your house already but don’t have the option of shifting to a new home? Fret not! All you need is a dash of paint and a few touches here and there to spice up your home and give it a fresh touch. Put on your gloves and get working to say hello to a brand-new look.

The initial step to changing the appearance of your home is to throw out all the unnecessary items that you have been hoarding all this time. Cleaning up the place is going to create more space which will help you rearrange the existing furniture in a much better way and also make way for any new additions that you might be including.

Get moving!
One of the most common mistakes people make is that they place their furniture in the wrong positions. Try moving your furniture and arrange it in a different way to give your room an instant makeover. Move the durable sofa in Singapore away from the wall and shift it beside the window and notice the difference in your room as moving your furniture away from the walls create a less crammed impression.

Play with color
Sometimes, adding a dash of color to the monotonous walls can do wonders to spruce up your home. Give your walls a new paint coat and opt for a textured theme for one wall in each room. Moreover, try coordinating the bedsheets, curtains and rugs according to the color theme chosen for each room. This creates a lasting impression on those who enter your home.

Add statement pieces
If you do not wish to spend too much money on buying new furniture altogether, you could invest in a piece of eye catching furniture to give a brand new effect. Maybe a multicolored bean bag or a custom made couch will add a unique touch to your home. You could even arrange a wall with custom made frames and quotes to personalize the interior.

Mix and match
You do not necessarily have to follow a specific theme or color for each room. You could mix and match a few items such as vibrant cushions or cool toned rugs to give it a more balanced effect, rather than making it too monotonous by sticking to a particular color scheme.

Change the lighting
Make sure you utilize the natural lighting of your room by placing the furniture in a position that does not block sunlight as this may make the room appear too crammed and smaller. In addition, change the lights where necessary to give suit the colors of the room. Table lamps are also a great addition to the décor as well as to improve the lighting conditions of the room.

If you have a knack for designing and changing the interior of your house, then you would definitely find these tips useful to make your changing process much easier and enjoyable.

Tips To Vamp Up The Interior Of Your Home