Planning a birth shower as a surprise requires quite a bit of work, listed below are a few steps to make this easier for you.

Date and guest list
You will have to firstly do everything as discreetly as possible. However, picking a date where the mother to be and everyone close to her is free is important. You will have to do this in a very tactful manner, without any suspicion from arising. Once you manage to get a convenient date, it’s time to make the guest list. This is where you include all the people close to the mother to be, and don’t forget anyone! You will have to double and triple check as much as possible, in order to avoid any disappointment. Make sure the date doesn’t clash with any plans, such as her maternity photography or any other appointments. If you are interested about newborn photography you can visit this site

Venue and time
Once the date and guest list is complete, it’s time to book the venue. This is to be done as early as possible, to avoid any inconvenience. Make sure the venue you choose is appropriate for this, so you yourself will have to go and check the place out. Once the venue is confirmed, it’s time to hand out the invitations or make the calls. Make sure the date and time is very clearly mentioned, don’t forget to include the importance of RSVP.

Food and entertainment
The next step is sorting out the food and entertainment. There is nothing too much to think of when it comes to entertainment, however, food is a very important factor! G through the menu a few times and come up with the best and most appropriate combination that everyone there is bound to enjoy.

Speeches and gifts
This is the most important part of any baby shower! You will have to prepare a line up of people close to the mother to be and her family, to make speeches. Make sure you inform them as early as you can, so that they can prepare themselves as well! The gifts that are given have to be placed at a safe place, until it’s time to open the gifts. If you are at a loss of what exactly you should give the mother, an intimate pregnancy photo shoot in Singapore sounds like an ideal and fun gift. This way they get to enjoy and utilize the gift the way they want to.

Another option would be for you to DIY your way through the gifts, and make something on your own with a lot of thought and love put into it!

These are the steps to go about planning a baby shower!

Planning A Surprise Baby Shower