If you want to get creative with your photos or want to try out something fun, then the below mentioned tips for creating a photo cutout of you and your friends to distribute to your family or at a friend’s party is a great idea.

Setting up the camera

First you want to understand what kind of photos you would like to have. Photos that look like they have just been printed from an instant photo booth in Singapore are a fun do-it-yourself project. In order to start, get the device such as a regular camera on a tripod. Or you could also use a front facing camera from your phone or webcam, whichever is available to you can be used. If it is for a camera, set the settings for it to take a photo after approximately 5 seconds. This is the ideal time for you to switch positions or props for the next take.

Photo set up

Depending on what type of background and photo props you would like to include, the photos can be taken. Instant photos are usually taken behind a one colour background; the best colours are usually maroon or white. You don’t have to be a professional photographer or videographer to do this so just have fun while preparing the set up. Make sure to arrange the lighting and décor to produce the best effects of a booth photo. You can take trial photos to see how it looks. Afterwards, it is about taking 6 fun selfies of you and your friends together. Remember you can take more than 6 photos and pick the best but if you take a lot, there will be a tendency for you to be confused as to what are the best ones.

Uploading the photos to a computer

Next task is to upload the photos to a computer for editing. Sometimes, some of the photos might need to be rotated to the right side, make sure that they are rotated to the right way so that editing can be done easily. The page for your photo strip can be opened in a publishing program that you have downloaded. Microsoft Publisher is the more common ones but you can choose any editing or publishing software that you prefer.


Select the desired photos on a 4 centimeter by 15 centimeter height blank sheet with margin set to 0. Then by resizing all the photos to be the same size you can format it so that all the photos have a box around then. You can add text and any other add-ons as you prefer. Click the save button and now you are ready to print your photos out.

How To Make Your Own Instant Booth Photos In 4 Basic Steps