For those who are into designing through computer applications, virtual designing is the next step in this technology. Today this technology is being used to create models that are three dimensional and which have different uses in diverse industries.

How three-dimension technology works?

Those who are acquainted with computer aided design; they find it easy to grasp the virtual design and modeling applications which are part of 3d printer technology. For instance, the state of any three dimensional model starts from a CAD file. Usually a three dimensional model is created with the help of a three dimensional scanner. This hardware and application helps to copy existing objects. If you wish to try three dimensional printing you can start with a 3D scanner that allows you to make a digital copy of any object. The scanners again employ different technology. For instance, there are scanners that make use of time of flight, volumetric scanning, modulated light technology and others. Many companies are making use of software that can do three dimensional scanning. With integrated scanning applications different devices like computers and smart phones will soon be able to design three dimensional models.

From modeling to printing

This is the part where 3d design services Singapore come of help. Till now it is a technology that needs special expertise and software as well as hardware to realize three dimensional modeling. For such reasons, most companies and customers outsource three dimensional modeling and printing of professional services. The slicing technique is used to print and prepare the three dimensional models. The model designed needs to be sliced into hundreds or thousands of layers. When the model is sliced into necessary layers it is then fed into a printer. As per the type of printer being used the model layers are fed in through Wi-Fi, SD or USB connection. With the model file keyed into the printing software, the object is then printed layer wisely and kept ready. Every slice is a two dimensional image that helps in creating a three dimensional final model.

Indeed, three dimensional technologies have immense potential. Today printing services which specialize in three dimensional model creation offer several opportunities to different client industries. As the technology becomes less exclusive and more affordable, the commercial applications of this technology are several and will increase day by day. As it still remains an innovative technology, many are making use of this advantage to make an impact for promotional and advertising purposes. The use of this technology is also rampant in building and architectural projects.

The Next Step To Computer Aided Design